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Home > Orthopedics > Orthotic Wrist Hand Finger WHFO > FREEDOM® Memory™ Functional Position Splint

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FREEDOM® Memory™ Functional Position Splint

FREEDOM® Memory™ Functional Position Splint A fully heated FREEDOM® Memory Splint still looks like it did right out of the box, but now it can be custom shaped! From box to water bath: immerse the splint in 160° heat for approximately 45 seconds. The material will soften, but the splint won't lose it's shape. Remove it from the water's ready to fit. Ready for fitting: After heating, the splint will be soft and pliable, as you can see at the distal eadge of the splint. Notice that the thumb post is still in opposition. Postion and hold: Place the splint on the patient's hand. It is easiest to support the hand with the palm facing up. Be sure the finger plate extends beyond the fingertips. Position the thumb in opposition and bring the sides of the splint up along the radial an ulnar borders of the forearm firm...about 60 to 80 seconds. Apply the straps: Once the splint has become firm, apply the straps. Use one of our strap kits to save even more time. Suggested code: L3807. Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints. Small: 6-1/2" to 7-1/4" Medium: 7-1/2" to 8-1/4" Large: 8-1/2" to 9-1/4"  ,

51-100_AXDIMIVDN00000125 Memory Splint, Left, Large £37.37
51-100_AXDIMIVDN00000126 Memory Splint, Left, Medium £37.37
51-100_AXDIMIVDN00000129 Memory Splint, Left, Small £37.37
51-100_AXDIMIVDN00000127 Memory Splint, Right, Large £37.37
51-100_AXDIMIVDN00000128 Memory Splint, Right, Medium £37.37
51-100_AXDIMIVDN00000131 Memory Splint, Right, Small £37.37