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Home > KSA Products > Paediatric Wrist Supports > KSA Childrens Wrist Brace with Thumb

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KSA Childrens Wrist Brace with Thumb

This Wrist Brace with Thumb is designed for children where the therapist is unsure whether to fit a wrist brace or a thumb brace. Immobilises the thumb and wrist and helps keep the thumb in the ‘pengrip’ position. wrist circumference B SMALL 8.5cm X SMALL 10cm SMALL 12cm MEDIUM 13cm LARGE 14cm X LARGE 15cm

WCNTXLL Extra Large Left £15.00
WCNTSL Small Left £15.00
WCNTMR Medium Right £15.00
WCNTML Medium Left £15.00
WCNTLR Large Right £15.00
WCNTLL Large Left £15.00
WCNTXSR Extra Small Right £15.00
WCNTXSL Extra Small Left £15.00
WCNTXLR Extra Large Right £15.00
WCNTSR Small Right £15.00