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Co-Flex NL Cohesive, Flexible Bandages

Co-Flex NL is self-adhesive – no clips or fasteners needed. Maintains consistent compression with nonslip support. Applied properly, Co-Flex is an excellent pressure bandage that won't cut off circulation. Thin, lightweight and porous, this nonirritating wrap allows skin to breathe while the wound heals. Comfortably adapts to the most difficult body contours. Absorbs energy shocks from strenuous activity and retains its tensile strength longer than cotton bandages. Five-yard rolls. Specify Tan, Color Pack, Smiley Pack or Kids Pack when ordering. Color Pack not available in 4" or 6". Kids Pack not available in 1", 1.5" or 6". Co-Flex NL Physician's Packs feature convenient exam room boxes for easy dispensing. Available in Tan only. 5 yds. per roll.  

51-135_AXDIMIVDN00004320 Co-Flex NL, Color Pack, 1"x5yd, 30rls/cs £35.44
51897_AXDIMIVDN00000657 Co-Flex NL, Smiley Pack, 1.5"x5yds, 48 rls/cs £77.14
51-136_AXDIMIVDN00000657 Co-Flex NL, Smiley Pack, 2"x5yds, 36 rls/cs £69.43
51-137_AXDIMIVDN00000657 Co-Flex NL, Smiley Pack, 3"x5yds, 24 rls/cs £62.44
51898_AXDIMIVDN00000657 Co-Flex NL, Smiley Pack, 4"x5yds, 18 rls/cs £55.93
51899_AXDIMIVDN00000657 Co-Flex NL, Smiley Pack, 6"x5yds, 12 rls/cs £51.83
51-135_AXDIMIVDN00000620 Co-Flex NL, Tan, 1"x5yds, 30 rls/cs £35.44
51897_AXDIMIVDN00000658 Co-Flex NL, Tan, 1.5"x5yds, 48 rls/cs £77.14
51-136_AXDIMIVDN00000620 Co-Flex NL, Tan, 2"x5yds, 36 rls/cs £69.43
51-137_AXDIMIVDN00000620 Co-Flex NL, Tan, 3"x5yds, 24 rls/cs £62.44
51898_AXDIMIVDN00000659 Co-Flex NL, Tan, 4"x5yds, 18 rls/cs £55.93
51-135_AXDIMIVDN00000657 Co-Flex NL, Smiley Pack, 1"x5yds, 30 rls/cs £35.44
51909 Co-Flex NL, Physician's Pack, Tan, 4", cs/12 rls £44.12
51897_AXDIMIVDN00000656 Co-Flex NL, Color Pack, 1.5"x5yds, 48 rls/cs £77.14
51-136_AXDIMIVDN00004320 Co-Flex NL, Color Pack, 2"x5yds, 36 rls/cs £69.43
51-137_AXDIMIVDN00004320 Co-Flex NL, Color Pack, 3"x5yds, 24 rls/cs £62.44
51-136_AXDIMIVDN00000660 Co-Flex NL, Kids Pack, 2"x5yds, 36 rls/cs £69.43
51-137_AXDIMIVDN00000660 Co-Flex NL, Kids Pack, 3"x5yds, 24 rls/cs £62.44
51898_AXDIMIVDN00000660 Co-Flex NL, Kids Pack, 4"x5yds, 18 rls/cs £55.93
51905 Co-Flex NL, Physician's Pack, Tan, 1", cs/48 rls £59.79
51906 Co-Flex NL, Physician's Pack, Tan, 1.5", cs/32 rls £57.86
51907 Co-Flex NL, Physician's Pack, Tan, 2", cs/24 rls £54.00
51908 Co-Flex NL, Physician's Pack, Tan, 3", cs/16 rls £46.04
51899_AXDIMIVDN00000620 Co-Flex NL, Tan, 6"x5ys, 12 rls/cs £51.83