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Home > Childrens Products > BENIK > BD88 : Neoprene Glove with Thumb

BD88 : Neoprene Glove with Thumb Send this link to a friend

BD88 : Neoprene Glove with Thumb

Constructed of 3mm neoprene and terry lined for comfort. This Benik glove is designed to offer support for the thumb CMC and MCP. If more support is needed select from the thermoplastic options available.

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NB. Lead time for the Benik products can be up to 28 days.
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BD88AL A, Left £25.75
BD88DR D, Right £25.75
BD88DL D, Left £25.75
BD88CR C, Right £25.75
BD88CL C, Left £25.75
BD88BR B, Right £25.75
BD88BL B, Left £25.75
BD88AABR AAB, Right £25.75
BD88AABL AAB, Left £25.75
BD88AAAAR AAAA, Right £25.75
BD88AAAAL AAAA, Left £25.75
BD88AAAR AAA, Right £25.75
BD88AAAL AAA, Left £25.75
BD88AAR AA, Right £25.75
BD88AAL AA, Left £25.75
BD88AR A, Right £25.75
BD88TWS Modification - Thumb Web Space POA
BD88DTS Modification - Dorsal Thumb Stay POA
BD88ST Modification - Standard Thumb Stay POA
BD88TS Modification - Thenar Support POA
BD88M Modification - Add Proximal Length POA
BD88M Modification - Add Distal Length POA
BD88M Modification - Dorsal Aluminium Stay POA
BD88M Modification - Palmer Aluminium Stay POA